venerdì 10 settembre 2010

Back to work

It's always sad when a lovely holiday comes to the end...
Now, work and work for months! I like my work but I really don't like to move every week from home to my work place... It's 150 km. from home and I have to stay at parent's home for two days every week and every week I have to decide where my little will have to stay when I'm at work... complicate and boring!

black tutu skirt, Berska leopard vest, 
Steve Madden shoes, bag from Asos,
random silver bracelets

sabato 14 agosto 2010


Me and my husband had a drink in late afternoon and after I have obliged him to take some photos...
He hate photos!!!!!!!!!!! But he was so patient whit me...
This is my new bag, I love it, is quite similar to the wonderfull Alexander Wang Diego, love that bag but it is really too expensive for me and for the family economy!
We started to plane our next holyday, we'll go to a little island near to Sicily, named Stromboli, you know it? We took a lovely house near the seaside and I'm sure me, husband and my little will have a great week!
Only sea, sun, fresh fish...and fresh drinks too!!!!!!

giovedì 12 agosto 2010

Tea time

Tea time

This is my love, Rachel.

I think mothers are lucky, we can feel the Perfect Love: Eternal and Unconditional…
it’s great!
She wears: Intimissimi leopard pink Slip (It's mine, of course..) Wings, Winx!!!!!!!!!

The beginning

Love stripes..
It's my first post, I'm so happy! My english is really bad, in Italy a lot of people can't speak and write english correctly and I'm one of these... so please be patients!
Wear: random dress, Steve Madden shoes