venerdì 16 dicembre 2011

real life

Waiting to real social life, I hope, I'm loving my simple family life.  I really don't love christmas and other similars. My baby is my christmas every day.

01  002




Take care.

lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

26 euros


Got them. From Asos, super sale.

Sorry, now out of stock.

Next party item?


33 euros. Perfect for winter but also for summer gipsy outfit... Will I get it? May be. (My birthday present????)

sabato 10 dicembre 2011

missing skies

Really miss these, miss airplanes, chilly saturdays mornings in airports,  mad people, lovely people, fear and courage.

Parachuting is essence of life.

One video, included my husband (he's the instructor. Thanks to Gio'!!!)

Unfortunatly I lost all personal videos and photos, not bad...


IstanbulCatalogo (1)

Hi!!! Sorry for haven't posted nothing in past days, this month is realy crazy for my work: well depression is here but people seem to have reactions.

I'm a graphic and I work for a weekly press, it means I attend to spots and to the entire layout, every week, it so hard, 88 pages... Plus this month I had to finish another work, a book that will print out on monday. That means for me almost 14-16 hour at pc every day (I'm androyd fan, sorry for apple). Not too bad: it means some extra money too!!! And you think I'll buy ad expensive bag whit this extra???

I have bought 4 days in Istanbul, one of my favourite cities with Barcelona, for new year's day. Me and husband, no children ammitted.... ;)

It is not the first time I spend new year's day in Istanbul, it's really crazy, I can't wait for leaving!!!

Here some photos of things I love of this magic city, half asian, half european, half tradizionalist, half metropolitan...

You can usually meet a mother with higiab whit a girl with piercings in her face...


Cagaloglu hamami and the modern side of cityadam-woolfitt-turkish-bath-cagaloglu-hamami-istanbul-turkey-europe


Tea, spices, and Meze, vegetarian for me;)mezes-e-raki-a-nevizade-sokak-a-istanbul_23637



Nevizade and galata bridge, going to ancient side (Santa Sofia, Blou Mosque etc...)

1014029-Istiklal_Caddesi-Istanbul DSCF3082

My hotel and my room... junior suite!

Stories apart kuloglu, Istiklal, Beyoglu. It's in the modern side of city, I recomand it if you want have a really perfect accomodation for nightlife...4170665


See you soon!!!! (I hope with an outfit post, in these days I'm wearing always jeans and jumper, so boring!)

lunedì 28 novembre 2011



Love sequins. And, love them in day outfit.


I dressed down these sequns leggins with a gray slouchy top and a black fur jacket. And, yess, messy hair: I hate perfects hair sets....



These boots, better???



messy weekend

Hi! Some photos of my messy weekend, night version. Really love leo print and these boots are so amusing!


Paired them with a simple black lace dress, a gold necklace and bare legs (you can see are so red because of the cold outside... crazy me, I think it will be the last time, but bare legs adds the right touch of every outfit).




 z8 z9

(wearing: lace dress: veromoda, boots from asos,)

Really:  I was not drunk or hight, although my face and messy hair ;)

lunedì 21 novembre 2011

Versace for H&M

Hi! See what my mother found last friday.... Last item, my size (not really, a size up but they work).

One of the most nice leggins I had.




Today I'm not at work, I'm waiting for the man that would arrange our heater... it broke down yesterday, and today we have only 14° Celsius at home... sigh.

mercoledì 16 novembre 2011


Hi! nowhere in every sense!

Sorry for the absence, today I want to show you these trourers I bought from Nowhere, a relly nice online store. They are so nice to show your great shoes and easy to dress up or down… This is a down-working version



I think to dress up these trousers whit silver pump, and a black vintage bustier top. Any suggesions about?


Yes, I’m not Elin (style by Kling) but all these wonderful and perfect girls are born to be a cute source of inspiration for uman cratures…


(image via Style by kling)

martedì 8 novembre 2011

yellow diamonds in the light

I will not be never that kind of woman. The perfect woman. I grew up in the suburbs and and will continue to be part of this world.

Sometimes I feel just like you see in these photos, not very stylish, not very tidy.

But when I feel so, I know I can go anywhere. Nobody can make me uncomfortable. In these days I feel so, aided by the last video of Rhianna, that brought me back to memories so beautiful or so terrible as to create a small earthquake in me.

Today my life is very different, but I'm always the same person: do you understand what I mean? It's difficult to accept, so I can not do anything but dress like a bad girl out of fashion. It is always me.







wearing: all vintage.


venerdì 4 novembre 2011

fringed work

Skirt and boots from Berska (last year).

Me at work yesterday. Italy is under an ugly flood, a lot of zones of the northwest have immediately serious damages, some people are dead. 

Still strong rains for the next three days are expected, I really hope that not any other will lose the life. 

mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

No news

Yesssssssssssss, my daughter took 'flu too, so we were at home in these days. Plus, my monitor crash down, sigh, I'm using an old one, it's so little!

So, some random old photos, when it was still sunny....

2 copy



See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!