mercoledì 28 settembre 2011


Not an outfit post today.
Only some photos I took last night waiting for husband back from work... night shifts this week.
Post title? I have in my head this old Cure song and even if is not my favourite (Love song is) I really loved it in the past.
Good night everybody!

martedì 27 settembre 2011

Alexander Wang obsession

Hi! I'm really obsessed from Alexander Wang Fabiana sandals... and in this period I really have no money to spend for fashion, sigh... So, I've found these old sandals of mine in the shoes closet, I was so happy: a great find for me in this moment! Ok, they are not the super fahion Alexander Wang ones, but for my budget they are a perfect find… I mean, I have a big, big dreams list for this Fall-Winter, and I don't know I would be able to have all the things I really need... Ok, all the things I really want. I’m thinking to have a DIY on them for the back side… What do you think about? Kisses!
wearing: pimkie pants, old sandals, random jumper, topshop bag,

mercoledì 21 settembre 2011


I slept extremely badly last night... and I slept only 3 hours. Life seems to be so difficult when you don't sleep enought! So I try to have a bit of fun with my blog, 'cause my life now is became so oppressive: in Italy is REALLY SHIT if you are a joung working mother: except your parents (but, they work too...) nobody will help you. 
Reading others blogs sometime I think I would be another person, with another life: night out, restorants, drinks, dance, but usually at 11 p.m. I have not finished my home works, and than I'm so tired that the only activity my mind and my boby can tolerate is... you know... 

wearing: Zara shirt, vintage skirt, Asos sandals and bag

lunedì 19 settembre 2011

rainy days

Really bad wheatrer here... so cold and so rainy! Summer is gone, fall is here... A lot of people love Fall, they say in fall you can leave half naked outfits and go to layers. Really, I prefer half naked outfits! Are so simple and so sexy and remind me all the thinghs I love: sun, sea, dance, and hippy, boho chic attitude... City life, no, I think it's not for me, really. Anyway, this year I experience a sort of fascination for some of most talented bloggers that have the right approach to the modern city style, I mean: Arielle of Somethingnavy, Columbine Smille, and most of all, Rumi Neely, that in this period seem to have abandoned her great californian's beachy style for a more metropolitan dressy style. And it seems to have a really impact on me. Now, will I able to translate these suggestions on my style?