lunedì 19 settembre 2011

rainy days

Really bad wheatrer here... so cold and so rainy! Summer is gone, fall is here... A lot of people love Fall, they say in fall you can leave half naked outfits and go to layers. Really, I prefer half naked outfits! Are so simple and so sexy and remind me all the thinghs I love: sun, sea, dance, and hippy, boho chic attitude... City life, no, I think it's not for me, really. Anyway, this year I experience a sort of fascination for some of most talented bloggers that have the right approach to the modern city style, I mean: Arielle of Somethingnavy, Columbine Smille, and most of all, Rumi Neely, that in this period seem to have abandoned her great californian's beachy style for a more metropolitan dressy style. And it seems to have a really impact on me. Now, will I able to translate these suggestions on my style?

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