sabato 10 dicembre 2011


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Hi!!! Sorry for haven't posted nothing in past days, this month is realy crazy for my work: well depression is here but people seem to have reactions.

I'm a graphic and I work for a weekly press, it means I attend to spots and to the entire layout, every week, it so hard, 88 pages... Plus this month I had to finish another work, a book that will print out on monday. That means for me almost 14-16 hour at pc every day (I'm androyd fan, sorry for apple). Not too bad: it means some extra money too!!! And you think I'll buy ad expensive bag whit this extra???

I have bought 4 days in Istanbul, one of my favourite cities with Barcelona, for new year's day. Me and husband, no children ammitted.... ;)

It is not the first time I spend new year's day in Istanbul, it's really crazy, I can't wait for leaving!!!

Here some photos of things I love of this magic city, half asian, half european, half tradizionalist, half metropolitan...

You can usually meet a mother with higiab whit a girl with piercings in her face...


Cagaloglu hamami and the modern side of cityadam-woolfitt-turkish-bath-cagaloglu-hamami-istanbul-turkey-europe


Tea, spices, and Meze, vegetarian for me;)mezes-e-raki-a-nevizade-sokak-a-istanbul_23637



Nevizade and galata bridge, going to ancient side (Santa Sofia, Blou Mosque etc...)

1014029-Istiklal_Caddesi-Istanbul DSCF3082

My hotel and my room... junior suite!

Stories apart kuloglu, Istiklal, Beyoglu. It's in the modern side of city, I recomand it if you want have a really perfect accomodation for nightlife...4170665


See you soon!!!! (I hope with an outfit post, in these days I'm wearing always jeans and jumper, so boring!)

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MITH ha detto...

Grate idea: nice gift for you and your hausband!!! Looking forward for your new post in high heels a fashion look