mercoledì 10 agosto 2011

white gipsy

Hi loves! I'm back from a lovely trip to Sharm El Sheik whit my husband an my little: realy hot (44° Celsius - 111 Fahrenheit) but super!!!!! We stay in water all day, great sea and a lot of warm swimmingpool, a lot of fresh drinks....Check for Reef Oasis, we had one of the most relaxing vacation of life there.

Than, white gipsy for me today, the two pieces that I love most are my Jessica Simpson shoes, I bought them in December, the black version too, and this bag that is really vintage: my mom gave to me and said: "Two vintage things togheter are too much!! - she was one of the vintage things ;). Skirt is really old and shirt is from a local italian brand, simple and cheap. Bangles are from Top Shop, and the belt is from Asos.
Have a good time and take care!

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