martedì 6 marzo 2012

hard work


Just kidding! A little break before I continue my work.

Love these topshop suede boots, they are from two years ago collection, but I’m not get bored about them, I find them very sexy but also wearable in winter with jeans or mini dresses.

I’m thinking to do something to my hair… any suggestion? Love my long culry hair but sometimes I would try something new, according the fact that I’m not so good on hairstyling…

I must do something for my sofa too, it’s orrible (not mine, it’s my house owners) :(

Bye lovely people!

4 commenti:

Anto ha detto...

Hello welcome back!
The boots are very seductive, I can not imagine a skirt :-)
The hair is so beautiful, I do not have to cut them.

See you soon ...

Anonimo ha detto...

Don't cut!!! Please don't cut your hairs!!!!!
Nice to see you in great shape Silvia.
by the way: nice boots, hugly sofa

silvia ha detto...

ugliest sofa ever!!!!!!!!

Lucija ha detto...

I kind of really adore your blog :D + the photos are magical!!