giovedì 6 ottobre 2011


Last days of Summer!

DSCN1271I would have 2 blog: one for fashion and one for cooking. Now, I realised it’s too much for me so I decided to insert cooking posts in my original blog, I hope you’ll like them!

I’m vegetarian, and I’m going to become vegan as soon as possible.

There are 3 reasons that led me to this choice

1 - I do not think that the human being is made to eat the flesh of other animals. Carnivorous animals (think of your dog) have a completely different gear, but also a different stomach and intestine. So I do not think that man should eat meat.

This is a reason I call natural.

2 - In the world most people do not have enough to eat. And we  have serious problems of obesity and diseases related to this.

So, I do not think it’s a good idea to cultivate fields of corn for bio fuel to fill our cars. but I believe that the energies of the planet may be enough to feed (with a vegan diet) all the population of the planet.

Think:  earth and energies used to feed 1 carnivorous human  are enough to feed 10 vegetarians or 20 vegans.

This is my first ethical motivation. Humans are the first of any animal. Do not stand people who protects animals and then reveals racist towards other men.

3 - I love animals and contempt for the intensive rearing. Even to produce eggs, milk and honey man commits atrocities against animals. You know often we pulled beak to the chickens? To avoid them killing each other, because they are squeezed into tiny spaces.

That said, I am tolerant and I do not expect everyone will agree with me. My path is still long, but so far I have tried just pride in my choice.

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