lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

good manners


Two of my new purchases: Zara shoes and Asos maxi clutch.

I was so happy when I realized that this year pointed shoes would be fashionable again! But, when I realised that all pointed shoes I have (bought in last years) were not the right type of pointed shoes.... yesssss, I decided to buy these from Zara: I love them  'cause are so classy but also so sexy for this asimetric hemline...

Then, I needed a maxi clutch and, most of all, I needed in this gourgeous burgundy: In winter I often wear black,, gray and at least cream... I want a touch of color for this year and I think this color would be perfect: a strong color but not too popimage3xxl


And... I needed a black city bag too, but no more money for me.

My mother told me: "Look at this, it's an old Pollini bag of mine, I don't use it any more, but it's in a good condition, take it!".

And, definitively yess!

I have saved some money and I have a good classic piece! Ok, the must would be Balenciaga city bag, but what can I do? I must win some money and I can't expect my husband will buy it for me. I know how much money we have and I'm the kind of girl that would prefer a nice trip instead of a new expendive bag...

It's not so fashionable, I know,  but it's me.

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Bellissima la borsa!:) e grazie per il commentino sul mio post! Un bacione :*