martedì 25 ottobre 2011

lunch time

Only some images of a super rainy day. Really lunch time (fortunatley at home today...).



Boiled black rice: 60g.

Carrots, bell peppers (red and yellow), evo oil, pepper, soy sauce.

One of my vegan versions of  italian "Peperonata" (that my husband eats with sausages............).

And than, go back to work, with my Zara trench. (I've arranged my shirt now, sorry!)

Shortly I'll show you this  in a more interesting, and sexy version!

Have a great time, take care!

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Tinu ha detto...

The looks so yummy~~~

Tinu ha detto...


silvia ha detto...


Anto ha detto...

Meravigliosa, come sempre.