venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

We found love

How much I like this video?

I would have some photos today but I got 'flu and I'm not so fine.

I know, this video is not so "educational", but REALLY LOVE IT.

For some Rihanna's videos me and boy often said: "We must have the copyright!".

I'm not well but I think we'll go to our lovely country for 2 days: no internet there, no tv (we neither have tv here in our usually city home), only nature. Yes, not heater, only a wood fireplace.... Is it ok for my cold?

But we met there, we lived there for years, we married there, our baby born there. We love these place. It's the place I love and I hate more. Why? All that place was for us, now isn't, no more. It is only our broken-dreams place. Life.

If I will have some good inspiration, I will have a photo diary.

Now, have a great weekend, and thanks, really, for all that visited my blog: blogging is nice but is nicer know someone is reading you.

Love you all!

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